Faith Talks – 2015

This summer, Trinity Lutheran Church will offer  a series of three Faith Talks to take a fresh look at one of the distinctive parts of the Christian faith, as we believe, teach, and confess it in the Lutheran Church. Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, June 17
7 p.m.

5 Things You Can Do To Understand the Bible Better

Are you a Bible pro? Get bogged down in the middle of Leviticus? Never even cracked open a Bible before? Find out 5 things that will give you a greater insight into God’s Word, the Holy Bible.

Wednesday, July 15
7 p.m.

Rediscover the Gospel All Over Again

Do your eyes glaze over in church? Are you bored with hearing the same story over and over and over again? Has the Gospel become tedious and demanding? Does it seem like you get more out of time in the woods than you do sitting down with your Bible? Chances are good that you’re hearing the Gospel, but not hearing the Gospel. Tonight you’ll discover along with Martin Luther, the simple change of focus that will allow you to rediscover the Gospel all over again.

Wednesday, August 19
7 p.m.

A Promise for You and Your Children

What must we do to be saved? This was the question that followed the first sermon ever preached in the Christian Church. And the answer is surprising. This promise is for you and your children, and it stands from that first sermon until today.

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