Why should you attend Faith Talks?

Faith. Your own personal opinions and views regarding things that cannot be proved or disproved, right? Faith is a personal thing, your very own, unique only to you, right? Faith is entirely subjective–created, formed, revised from within you–right?

The prevailing notion in contemporary society is to value faith only as the act of believing, but to keep the thing which is believed a secret lest you be accused of pushing your beliefs on someone else. Faith is great, so long as you keep your faith to yourself.

But a faith that’s kept to yourself will inevitably be a faith in yourself.

Faith always has an object. The act of believing is important, but what is believed is more important. Faith in yourself is a faith that dies with you.

The book of Hebrews says: Faith is being sure of the things we hope for, being convinced of the things we can’t see (Hebrews 11:1). There are two basic ways you can know something. The first is by what you experience, what you observe, things you touch, taste, smell, and see. The second is by what is revealed to you apart from what you observe. This is the way that God reveals Himself to you. God reveals Himself to you in Christ, through His Word. Faith is when you become sure of what God reveals in His Word, even when it’s contrary to what you see.

Faith always has an object, and the object of the Christian faith is outside of yourself. The object of the Christian faith is Christ and His Word. Faith Talks will present the Object of faith to you in a series of short, easily digestible doses. It is an opportunity for your faith be created, renewed, formed, and revised by the Word of Christ apart from your own opinions or internal spiritual preparations.

And this faith is a living faith, a faith that endures beyond the grave, because it’s a faith in the One who is living and risen from the grave.

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