What are Faith Talks?


Trinity Lutheran Church has a faith worth spreading. Faith Talks are are series of succinct presentations, no longer than 18 minutes, each exploring an aspect of the Christian faith. They are provided free of charge as a service to the New Haven community.

Faith Talks are designed to present the teachings of the Christian Church, as they are drawn from Holy Scripture and with a Lutheran understanding. At some Faith Talks you might discover something completely new that you never were aware of before. At others you might see something you already know from a completely new point of view. At all of them you will grow in a depth of knowledge of the Christian faith.

At Faith Talks, Jesus Christ takes center stage. He is the reason why we talk about faith in the first place. He is the object of our faith.

Following each presentation, our congregation will provide refreshments and conversation for our guests. Because the Christian faith isn’t simply the content of a lecture, but a lively conversation. Guests will also receive a free gift for attending.