The ministry receives all of its power from the Gospel

Many people think that Article V of the Preaching Office deals only with the Gospel-functions, not with the Gospel-proclaiming office. But this is a mistake. What is divinely instituted here is the one office of “ministry of teaching the Gospel and administering the sacraments” (Latin). The office exists for the Gospel. That is its sole purpose. This is the glorious evangelical distinctiveness of the church of the Augsburg Confession. In both Rome and Geneva [Reformed churches], the ministry is heavily Law-dominated. By contrast, it is typical of Jesus the friend of sinners—come to seek and to save the lost. This means that the Gospel (including the sacraments) does not receive its power or validity from the office holders, from church bureaucracies, or from proper transmission and ordination rites. Quite the contrary—the ministry receives all its power from the Gospel itself, which alone in the power of God for salvation.

-Rev. Kurt Marquart, “The Gospel Ministry—In the Lutheran Confessions” in We Believe: Essays on the Catechism.